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From the stark beauty of the Australian desert to soft morning hues of sunrise, Ri's landscapes capture the interaction of the elements and the harmony within nature.   View the Landscape Gallery >

When painting abstracts, Ri gives free and playful expression through colour, shape and form. Her mastery of the mediums and tools means that she can allow the creative energy to flow through, making spontaneous and vibrant artworks unique to the present moment.   View the Abstract Gallery >
Still Life

A cluster of objects challenges Ri to bring life and vitality to what has been described as "still". Often Ri will easily imagine a still life, and be able to paint from her inner vision and knowledge of the physics of shapes, perspective, colour , and the play of light and shadow on objects.   View the Still Life Gallery >
Visionary Art

Visionary art has channeled through the mark-makers and guided the human species since the beginning of time. It's origin is the Great Spirit, and it is evident in every culture.

Many artists simply recreate what we see in our natural world in  imitation of what has already been created by the Grand Creator. 

But visionary art draws directly form the creative source in sudden illumination, or via dreams, the psyche, inner archetypes, symbols and mythologies.

My Visionary artwork contains messages, codes, symbols, colours of the chakras, and information which I paint while receiving and experiencing the energy of the images. I often don't know what is coming through until the moment of its manifestation. Or I start with the original vision, then it may evolve into something else, or something more.

I usually feel strong purpose while painting, as if I MUST paint this image. I swing between frustration in my inadequacy to serve the image, and timeless mind-free meditation.

When you look at an image, first gaze receptively with no mental comment, then allow any feelings to arise. Thenallow your mind to journey with the image... there may be story, interpretation, memories, mythologies... Finally, wait till after you experience the painting before you check out technicalities!

You may feel the quality of the original impulse, receiving which I hope may expand and uplift your experience of yourself and your life.   View the Visionary Art Gallery >