Meditation is the key
Meditation is the key

Welcome to this website.

NOTE: I have retired from one-on-one Psychotherapy, Counselling and Healing practice.

In these pages you will find information about my holistic healing work based in advanced diplomas in Psychotherapy, Counselling and Healing and also in Spiritual Healing. My training is accredited by the Australian Holistic Healers' Association. I have also completed Body Transformation Level II.

My background as a Meditation Teacher, Hatha Yoga teacher and over 40 years study in Eastern and Western philosophy and psychology informs my practice as a healer.

I continue to practice yoga, study and meditate, which refine intuition and focus for sessions. The direction of each healing session is unique for each client.
Holistic healing includes all dimensions; physical, subtle /etheric, emotional, mental and soul. When any of these is blocked or out of alignment, we are held back from health, well-being and personal evolution. My unique therapy clears blocks and restores balance.


You can also take a stroll through my art gallery. My artwork depicts landscapes, seascapes, visions and meditations. Contact 0409400197


Psychic Development, Meditation, Mindfulness and Healing Workshops - sharing knowledge and practice from many various trainings, study and decades of professional experience.
Painting Classes and Workshops  - giving students skills, techniques and confidence in watercolour and acrylic painting. Learn to free up creative expression, intuition and playfulness in colour and design.

For individual tuition or small groups. Contact me on 0409400197 for bookings.